Dr. Rob Schiffman is most significantly known for building the largest practice in the history of Chiropractic. With his unique approach on practice growth and passion to see others succeed, Dr. Rob created GTBI and RTW coaching programs to equip and empower Chiropractors to reach the masses. Through his effective coaching programs and intensive training events, Dr. Rob has developed some of the highest volume practicing Chiropractors in the world today. Dr. Rob is a Distinguished Fellow of the ICA and founder of the Gonstead Study Club at Northwestern College of Chiropractic and Life University. He is a former board member of Feed the Hungry, Your Spine, and currently serves on the board of the ICA, Matthew 10 Ministries, and Shekinah Global Outreach.

Dr. Rob hosted his own satellite radio show on the Lesea Broadcasting Network and was part of the Notre Dame Soccer Show television program. He is also a writer and editor for the Maximized Living Bible and writer for the Billion Soul Initiative study Bible.

As a former elite soccer player, Dr. Rob has been the Chiropractor for many collegiate, professional and Olympic athletes, including the women's Haitian National soccer team.

Dr. Rob has practiced for over 38 years, living to serve God by serving others through the gift of Chiropractic. It's his passion and love for God, his wife, his children, and Chiropractic, that continues to drive him forward. With God at the center of it all, Dr. Rob is more expectant than ever to see lives changed and transformed through Chiropractic and the CCC Movement.

Dr. Ben Lerner is a two-time New York Times, USA Today, Wall-Street Journal, and Christian Booksellers Association best-selling author with millions of books sold.  His more than 20 books, curriculum, and programs are in multiple languages and have been utilized in tens of thousands of corporations, churches, schools, and sports teams in countries all over the world.  His works include compiling and being the executive editor for two Bibles for the Billion Soul Initiative where he has been the chairman of global wellness for over 15 years.

A former college All-American wrestler himself, he was first named as a chiropractor and wellness advisor for the USA Wrestling World Team in 1995.  He traveled with USAW to the Atlanta, Sydney, London, and Rio Olympic Games, as well as eight world championships.  Dr. Ben has personally worked as a doctor, nutrition, and fitness specialists for the NBA, Major League Baseball, USA Judo, USA Weightlifting, the NFL Alumni Association, and the LPGA.

He has a Bachelors in Nutrition, a Masters in Psychology, is a Chiropractor, an advanced personal trainer, and with advanced certifications in corporate and life coaching.  He has opened up more than 100 franchises, manufactured over two dozen health care products, and consulted for over 3000 health care and corporate clients.

After selling his company, Dr. Ben Launched the Ultimate Impact Group.  It is an amalgamation of 9 different companies that utilize his 25 years in business, franchising, health care, real estate, and product manufacturing.



are two of just a small handful of Chiropractors to have eclipsed 2000 patient adjustments each week.

They have each worked with the world's most influential pastors and have been a part of virtually every major Chiropractic event that has occurred in the last several decades.

Both have been involved with professional and Olympic athletic teams.

Well respected leaders in the profession, their desire is to use their influence to impact the lives of others for the cause of Christ.